On nuclear pasts
and radiant futures
Artistic research
and exhibition

András Cséfalvay

András Cséfalvay (*1986) is a visual artist, digital storyteller, mytho-poet from Bratislava, currently teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. After his studies of painting and mathematics, he wrote a dissertation on the usefulness and reality of fiction. His delves into the relationship between culture and technology, the political and ethical aspects of listening to non-dominant voices in world-interpretation. His latest works look at the relationship between astronomers and indigenous peoples in the construction of the Mauna Kea telescopes, the flight of dinosaurs as a technology for survival after the extinction and the re-categorization of the planet Pluto. He is receiver of the Oskar Čepan Young Visual Artist Price, member of The New Centre for Research and Practice, is a co-founder of the Digital Arts Platform at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.  He exhibited in KunstWerke Berlin, Art In General New York, Trafo Gallery Budapest,  Firstdraft Sydney, Karlin Studios Prague among other institutions.