On nuclear pasts
and radiant futures
Artistic research
and exhibition

What is this? About SALT. CLAY. ROCK.

collective editorial

SALT. CLAY. ROCK. is a two year curatorial research project exploring how particular rural and urban areas relate to the challenges associated with nuclear energy and its toxic legacies. To this end, SALT. CLAY. ROCK. supports several artist research residencies and projects in rural Hungary and Germany, and concludes in an exhibition at nGbK in Berlin at the end of 2024.

Besides our exhibition and research assembly at nGbK in Berlin, we are working in Paks, Bátaapáti and Ófalu in Hungary, in the Wendland, Morsleben, Rheinsberg and the Erzgebirge regions in Germany.

SALT. CLAY. ROCK. is working with the Kulturstiftung des Bund to be a climate neutral exhibit.