On nuclear pasts
and radiant futures
Artistic research
and exhibition

Rita Süveges

Rita Süveges is a visual artist based in Budapest. Her practice is research-based, she works with communities through knowledge-sharing performative events, and for the white cube context she uses a wide range of installative media. Süveges's main topics are rooted in the ecological and climate crisis, her aims are to repoliticize the societal understandings of these issues through the imaginative power of art. She is enrolled in the Doctor of Liberal Arts program of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. In her upcoming dissertation, she is questioning geoengineering and techno-optimism from a feminist perspective.

She was awarded the TÓTalJOY Award, Smohay Award, Derkovits Grant, New National Exception Grant, Visegrad Scholarship, and was nominated for the Strabag and the Esterhazy Art Award.

She took part in residency programs in Cité des Arts de Paris, ISCP New York, Meetfactory Prague, MQ/Q21 AIR Vienna, Balatorium, Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, etc. She has participated in several solo and group shows in Hungary, and in the international context she has exhibited in Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Off–Biennale Budapest and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin among others.

She is also a co-founder of xtro realm artist group, which since 2017 organizes reading circles, exhibitions, and field trips dealing with the ecological theories that critique the anthropocentrism of contemporary thinking. She was an editor, author and designer of extrodæsia – Encyclopedia Towards a Post-Anthropocentric World, and the Climate Imaginary Reader. Suveges was a curator of ACLIM! part of OFF–Biennale Budapest 2021. She was also a board member of the Association of Studio of Young Artists between 2018–2021.