On nuclear pasts
and radiant futures
Artistic research
and exhibition

Krisztina Erdei

Born in Szeged (Hungary) and presently living in Budapest, Krisztina Erdei is a photographer and visual artist. She earned a Philosophy and Political Studies degree at University of Szeged, then she completed her doctoral studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in multimedia art with a dissertation on "Struggle for Your Story, Memory Studies and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century". Her centers of interest have constantly expanded and evolved since that time, testifying to her insatiable curiosity about the aspects of visual culture, interdisciplinary and cooperative art practices. Erdei is currently working on her doctoral research in art history at Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest. She is assistant professor at Partium Christian University and art critic for the newspaper Magyar Narancs.

Krisztina Erdei is a sensitive visual artist committed to important social problems. She is open to different mediums, but basically works in the field of photography and creates her series with a critical approach. Her aesthetics are unsought, instinctive, often her image seem to be created randomly, while in fact she builds complex connections in her works. In her multi-layered works, which actively involve the viewer in the process of drawing conclusions, her strong yet sympathetic opinion evokes the basic values of humanistic photography, reimagined in a 21st-century's context.