On nuclear pasts
and radiant futures
Artistic research
and exhibition

Erasmus Trip to Hungary, Paks and Bátaapáti

23/10/16 – 23/10/20
Paks, Hungary

Led by participating artist Krisztina Erdei, we have helped organized several art schools' Erasmus Study visit to Hungary. Participating universities include; Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest (MOME), Partium Christian University, and the School of Art Ghent (KASK). The Erasmus project was organized by Krisztina Erde and SALT. CLAY. ROCK.

Below is the research schedule

MONDAY / Day 1:

10:30 Meeting at MOME, Budapest / Brunch at M_206

11:00 Guided tour around the University

12:00 Lunch

12:40 Leaving the Campus

14:00 Visiting the Light Art Museum, Meet the artist János Borsos

16:30 Travel to Paks by bus

20:00 Welcome pizza at Chili, Paks

TUESDAY / Day 2:

10:00 Visit at the Museum of Nuclear Energy (at the Power Plant)

12:00 Lunch at the Power Plant's restaurant

13:00 Discovering the city (groups)

19:00 Evening lectures: Different Practices of Research Based Photography


10.00 Bátaapáti nuclear storage facility and traditional village (limited number of participants)

13.20 Meeting with the ESZI students (only 5-6 participants)

14:00 Working on personal projects

19.00 Evening lecture / Eszter Mátyás: Nuclear energy legitimacy

20.00 Discussion with instructors


11.00 Visiting the Power Plant

13.00 Lunch at the Power Plant's restaurant

14.00 Working on personal projects

19.00 Discussion with instructors

20.00 Dinner

21.20 Screening - Emilija Skarnulyte: Burial Film /60 min/ 2022

FRIDAY / Day 5:

10.00 Discussion and presentation of personal projects / first drafts

12.00 Lunch

Departure to Budapest (depending on the flights)

Exterior of the offices at Paks power plant
Exterior of the offices at Paks power plant